Q & A

Where is Milo’s HK main market?

Our products are mainly export to Europe, UK, Netherland, Denmark, Canada, US, Australia, South Africa, Japan, Korea, and Mainland China etc.

Where is the factory located?

Southern China – Dongguan

What kinds of machine will be used for production?

We will use hand-flat knitting machine as well as computer knitting machine in our production. We can also provide hand knit and hand crochet products based on customer’s request.

Does Milo’s HK produce cut and sewn products?

Yes, we do. We can do cut and sewn products with over-locking finish, combination of knit with woven fabric, leather, and boiled wool etc.

What is the order minimum?

In general, the minimum is 300 pcs/style (1-2 colors, max. 3 sizes), but subject to the style and the use of quality.

Does Milo’s HK produce small order?

Sometimes, we take small order, subject to the style, the use of quality, and the garment price. Surcharge and further discussion are required.

Where is the quality come from?

Our quality mainly come from Italy, China, Taiwan, and Japan etc.

What is the production lead time?

In general, the production lead time is around 90 days after order confirmation, subject to the style and bulk yarn lead time.

What is the payment term?

T/T or LC, subject to order quantity

What is the reason for placing order with Milo’s HK?

  • Good communication between customers and our staffs
  • Quick response to customers enquiry
  • Respect the intellectual property of all customers
  • Flexible arrangement with development and production
  • Technicians with various knowledge in knits
  • Produce by skillful knitters and workers
  • Produce beautiful and nice quality products
  • Punctual shipment